Mentally Ill People Should Not Have Guns: Here’s An Idea On How To Fix That

First of all, everyone has to provide references that will be called before you are given a gun.  In most cases, someone around the shooter knows of violent tendencies.  Secondly, everyone who wants a gun gets a psychiatric evaluation. Short of that, there is a national database that law enforcement and mental health professionals can enter red flags into.  Those with red flags in the system have to take psychiatric evaluations before they are given a deadly weapon.


Aaron Alexis Had a History of Mental Issues

Alexis called the police in Rhode Island after switching hotels multiple times because he was hearing voices through the walls.  The voices followed him to each hotel, which he reported to the police.  He also reported that someone was using microwaves to prevent him from sleeping.  He also purchased the shotgun legally in the state of Virginia despite actively being treated for mental illness at VA hospitals in Washington DC and receiving medication for insomnia.