So The Syrian Situation Got More Interesting Today

Last week, video emerged implying that the Syrian government had used chemical weaponry against its own people.  United Nations weapons inspectors were allowed into Syria today, though the delay complicates the detection of chemicals.  The inspectors were subsequently fired upon by snipers, and, later today, Secretary of State John Kerry essentially affirmed that the Syrian government used chemical warfare.  Stay tuned for updates, it will be interesting to see what actions the United States and Nations will choose to take.

Sources: CNN, Associated Press


Ancient Egyptian History: Cleopatra

Earlier today, I posted about the current strife in Egypt, so now we go back over 2,000 years to the time of Cleopatra, whom most think of as the epitome of Egyptian culture.  However, she was actually Greek.  Her ancestors inherited Egypt when Alexander the Great died in 323 BC and they founded Egypt’s Ptolemaic dynasty.  Cleopatra was so not Egyptian that she and her family refused to learn Egyptian and held Greek as the language of the royal court.

The Egypt Crisis


In early July, Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown and an interim government put in place.  However, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets to protest the overthrow of Morsi.  While there were clashes between the new government and Morsi’s supporters before, August 14 has marked a turning point.  The government vowed to tear down the protest camps and they have kept to their word, killing over 700 people in the process.


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